These monsters exude an aura of dignity and nobility.


Cuddle Fluff

A fuzzy, teddy bear-like creature that craves affection and snuggles. It wraps its velvety arms around anyone in need of comfort, offering warmth and solace.

Twinkle Puff

This tiny, twinkling creature resembles a floating ball of cotton candy with sparkles. It emits a soft glow and leaves a trail of shimmering stardust wherever it goes, enchanting everyone it encounters.

Snicker Doodle

A sweet-toothed monster that has an insatiable love for cookies. It is often found in kitchens, sneaking nibbles from freshly baked treats and leaving behind trails of powdered sugar.

Glimmer Wing

A small creature with iridescent wings that shimmer in the sunlight. It spreads magic wherever it flies, leaving behind a trail of sparkling dust that brings a sense of wonder and enchantment.


A fluffy, marshmallow-like monster that is as sweet as its name suggests. It loves to share its soft, gooey treats with others, bringing sweetness and joy to every gathering.

Blossom Trail

A delicate and graceful monster with a tail adorned with blooming flowers. It brings the beauty of nature wherever it roams, spreading the scent of fresh blossoms and uplifting spirits.

Sprinkle Whisker

A small creature with rainbow-coloured fur and tiny whiskers that resemble sprinkles. It loves to play in puddles, leaving behind a trail of colourful footprints that bring a smile to anyone who discovers them.

Sprinkle Toes

A playful and mischievous monster with colourful spots and a knack for dancing. Sprinkletoes sprinkles joy and cheer wherever it skips and twirls, turning even the dullest moments into lively celebrations.

PomPom Pluff

A fluffy, ball-shaped monster covered in vibrant, colourful fur. It bounces around playfully, bringing a sense of cheer and amusement wherever it rolls.

Bubbly Wums

A bubbly and mischievous monster that lives in lakes and ponds. It blows bubbles that have the power to make people laugh uncontrollably, turning even the gloomiest of days into moments of pure joy.

Snuggle Bug

A fluffy, huggable creature with big round eyes and a penchant for cuddles. It spreads warmth and joy wherever it goes, bringing comfort to anyone in need.

Giggles Nort

A small, round creature with a contagious giggle. It loves to play pranks and tickle unsuspecting friends, spreading laughter and happiness to all its companions.

Puddle Paws

A water-loving monster with large, webbed feet that make it an excellent swimmer. It enjoys splashing in puddles and creating playful ripples that delight children and adults alike.

The Dignified Beasts taught the world that even in their emotional rollercoaster, they were still deserving of love and understanding.

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